Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Integrating with port forwarding and port triggering

There are a lot of port forwarding tools or port triggering tools,but these tools are just have port forwarding function or just have port triggering function.There is no such tool that integrating with port forwarding and port triggering on this market now!

Port Forwarding Wizard fill in the market's blank.It has both port forwarding and port triggering function.

If you want to done port mapping with your router,there is a "Router Management" function,it can let you fetch, add and delete port mappings on router directly without logining into router. And if you want done port mapping without your router,that's ok can just deploy Port Forwarding Wizard on a computer that have a public ip,after this,what you need to do are just two steps.The first step is add port mapping,the second step is start port mapping and you are done.It is very easy!

Powerful Port Forwarding,make your port forwarding easy now!****************************************

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