Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What difference between port forwarding and port triggering

Basically,Port Forwarding is that you can set your router to let internet users access your computer that behind your router.You router have a public ip and your computer just have a private ip.Internet users can just directly access your router,but not your computer.So if you are using utorrent or others P2P software and if you want get a high download speed,you must let internet users can directly access your computer.Then you must set your router and add port mapping.Often you must login into your router's administrator page and manually add port mapping.But using Port Forwarding Wizard,you don't need to login into your router,you can directly add port mapping by this tool.

Port triggering is that if you don't have a router and you have a computer that have a public ip,then you can deploy Port Forwarding Wizard on the computer that have a public ip,then you can add a port mapping service and start this port mapping.Then this port mapping service will do the same thing like port forwarding.The different is just port forwarding do this by router and port triggering do this by port mapping service.

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