Saturday, May 17, 2008

What is port forwarding or port triggering?

Port forwarding or port triggering allows remote computers (e.g. public machines on the Internet to connect to a specific computer within a private LAN.

Under this situation,you can not directly access a local computer located in a LAN.But if you deploy Port Forwarding Wizard on Gateway and set port mapping,then now you can directly access a local computer from internet.Sometime your firewall forbid service on a LAN computer,cause this service listen on a very low port number.Using Port Forwarding Wizard,you can mapping this low port number to a high port number,then your firwall will not forbid your connecting from outside your LAN.

If you download movie or file from internet using azureus,utorrent or BitComet and want to a very high download speed,you must know how to operate your router to add or delete port mappings.Now using Port Forwarding Wizard,you can easily to do this!

Using port forwarding or port triggering tech,you can directly communicate a computer that behind a firewall or locate in a private lan or some computer that you can directly access. Often some computer administrators consider security issue,they will set their computers to just allow some specific ip to access.Under this situation,you can deploy Port Forwarding Wizard on the computer that can directly accesss your destination and start a port forwarding service,then now it is like you can directly access destination. This is so convenient.



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