Thursday, May 22, 2008

Security issue when port triggering

When you port triggering use some tool,that mean you start a service that everybody can access this port triggering service.Specially when you deploy port triggering service on a computer that have a public ip.This port triggering service will let internet user access your computer that locate in a private LAN.It is very useful when your are using some P2P tool like utorrent.But at the same time,this port triggering expose your computer under a great risk,because users from internet can attack your computer.

Using Port Forwarding Wizard,when you add a port triggering service,you can make a white ip list and a black ip list.If someone try to access your port triggering service,Port Forwarding Wizard will check the ip and if it is illegal,Port Forwarding Wizard will refuse the access to make your computer safe.

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