Thursday, May 22, 2008

Manually port forwarding VS Automatically port forwarding

Anyone can configure a router for port forwarding, but it's a manual process that's usually not simple, and it's a process that differs for each different model of router. There are a few websites out there that centralize instructions for configuring most common routers -- the best of these is probably Take a look at that site, and you'll see the great variety in instructions for configuring routers to port-forward incoming connections.

UPnP technology makes it easier to configure routers for port forwarding and NAT traversal, since the configuration can be done programmatically for you, without manual steps from you. Port Forwarding Wizard takes advantage of UPnP technology to create a utility that allows you to view current port mappings, and add, or delete them.

Before you use "Router Management" function of Port Forwarding Wizard,what you need to do is just enable your router's UPnP option.

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